You have no items in your shopping Basket. HOW DO SALTER BODY ANALYSER SCALES WORK? Contact with the body is made via stainless steel pads on the platform of the scale. Salter Analyser Scales will also display weight, body fat and total body water for children and young adults aged 6-17 years. Muscle mass, BMI and BMR are not shown for this age range. This scale stores the personal data of up to 12 users. This is why it is important to measure and salter kitchen scales your body fat percentage.

Body water is the single most important component of body weight. Water performs a number of important roles in the body. All the cells in the body, whether in the skin, glands, muscles, brain or anywhere else, can only function properly if they have enough water. Water also plays a vital part in regulating the body’s temperature balance, particularly through perspiration. For those using Athlete Mode: note that athletes may have a lower body fat range and a higher body water range than shown above, depending on their type of sport or activity.

Body water measurement results are influenced by the proportion of body fat and muscle. If the proportion of body fat is high, or the proportion of muscle is low then the body water results will tend to be low. Professional medical guidance should always be sought before embarking on diet and exercise programmes. 50 percent between the ages of 20 and 90. If you don’t do anything to replace that loss you’re losing muscle and increasing fat. At rest, the body burns approximately 110 additional calories for each kilo of muscle gained.

Guide weight reduction when combined with a healthy diet. Some of our body analyser scales calculate your BMI value for you. Your BMI category can be identified using the table on the right. Your BMR is influenced by a number of factors, including age, weight, height, gender, dieting and exercise habits. ANSWERS How exactly is my body fat and water measured? A minute current is sent through your body, via your feet and legs. This current flows easily through the lean muscular tissue, which has a high fluid content, but not easily through fat.

From this, the quantity of fat and water can then be estimated. What is the value of the current passing through me when the measurement is taken? The current is less than 1mA, which is tiny and perfectly safe. You will not be able to feel it. Please note however, that body analyser scales should not be used by anyone with an internal electronic medical device, such as a pacemaker, as a precaution against disruption to that device. If I measure my body fat and water at different times during the day, it can vary quite considerably. Your body fat percentage reading varies with body water content, and the latter changes throughout the course of the day. There is no right or wrong time of the day to take a reading, but aim to take measurements at a regular time when you consider your body to be normally hydrated.

Avoid taking readings after having a bath or sauna, following intensive exercise, or within 1-2 hours of drinking in quantity or eating a meal. My friend has a Body Fat Analyser made by another manufacturer. When I used it I found that I got a different body fat reading. Different Body Fat Analysers take measurements around different parts of the body and use different mathematic algorithms to calculate the percentage of body fat. The best advice is to not make comparisons from one device to another, but to use the same device each time to monitor any change. How do I interpret my body fat and water percentage readings?

Please refer to the Body Fat and Water tables included with the product. A sensible diet, fluid intake and exercise program can reduce your body fat percentage. Professional medical guidance should always be sought before embarking on such a program. Why are the body fat percentage ranges for men and women so different? Women naturally carry a higher percentage of fat than men, because the make-up of the body is different being geared towards pregnancy, breastfeeding etc. Ensure that you are regularly taking sufficient water and work towards moving your fat percentage into the healthy range.

Why should I avoid using the Body Analyser Scale whilst pregnant? During pregnancy a woman’s body composition changes considerably in order to support the developing child. Under these circumstances, body fat percentage readings could be inaccurate and misleading. Pregnant women should therefore only use the weight function. You have no items in your shopping Basket. Max weight x resolutions: 160kg x 0. Innovative and reliable, the Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scales provide a non-invasive solution to monitoring your health. It’s no wonder that this scale is Salter’s best-seller!

BIA technology emits a tiny electrical impulse which can flow easily through your body and determine fat from lean tissue. This process starts when your bare feet make contact with the stainless-steel pads on the platform, however, BIA is perfectly safe, and you won’t feel a thing! Ultra Slim Analyser Scales measure fundamental aspects of body composition including, Body Fat Percentage, Body Water Percentage and BMI, which will provide you with the important information you need to alter your diet and fitness regime, achieving optimum health. Delve into the real details of your body weight. If you are looking for a stylish bathroom scale that gets straight to the point, look no further. Simply tap your foot on the platform to activate the scale and then step on for instant measurements.

This scale is built to last thanks to its toughened glass platform. By means of four user memories, you can set up your personal user account on the internal memory by inputting your gender, age and height. The scale will remember these details and take them into account whilst analysing other features of your body composition. With your own individual profile, you’ll be able to track your progress with far more accuracy. Tired of squinting to see your weight measurements? This digital scale shows your weight reading on a large and easy to read display, so there’s no fuss. Have you ever found a bathroom scale that meets all your needs, but the style and size were completely wrong?

This sleek and simple scale will compliment your other bathroom accessories to make your home feel complete. If you want to store your scales away whilst they’re not in use, the slim design of this scale makes it easy to tuck away, neatly into your cupboards. As previously mentioned this scale allows you to set up your own individual profile for custom weight measurements but there’s more! Short-term fluctuations are to be expected, so chart your progress over a longer period of time as opposed to a day’s reading. Check out the Normal Healthy Range of Body Water Percentage and see where the scales estimate you are on the chart. Your BMI measurement is calculated using your weight and height, it indicates whether you are a healthy weight. HOW DOES THIS ANALYSER SCALE WORK?

Contact with the body is made via stainless steel pads on the platform of the scale. This method simultaneously calculates your personal weight, body fat, total body water and BMI giving you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness. Open the battery compartment on the scale underside. Select kg, st or lb weight mode by the switch on the underside of the scale. For use on carpet remove the non-slip pads from the scales feet and attach enclosed carpet feet. Position scale on a firm flat surface. Step on and stand very still while the scale computes your weight.

Your weight is displayed for a few seconds then the scale will switch off. Press the platform centre and remove your foot. Press the SET button to confirm your selection. The male or female symbol will flash. The scale will switch off and is now ready for use. Repeat procedure for a second user, or to change user details.

NOTE: To update or overwrite the memorised data, follow the same procedure, making changes as required. Position the scale on a flat level surface. WAIT while the display reconfirms your personal data then shows a zero reading. When zero is displayed, WITH BARE FEET, step onto the platform and stand still. Ensure your feet are in good contact with the 2 metal pads on the platform. After 2-3 seconds your weight will be displayed.

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Remain standing on the scale while your other readings are taken. Your weight will be displayed followed by your BMI, body fat percentage and total body water percentage. We aim to keep our delivery options clear and simple. We use Royal Mail and DPD Local couriers for our UK deliveries depending on the size or value of your order. For upgrading your delivery, we offer the opportunity to select a Next Working Day. We deliver to all Mainland UK addresses, including Northern Ireland. Free Hassle free returns, Purchase your item with confidence. We hope you will love your new Salter product but if you don’t, you are welcome to return your items free of charge.

I bought a salter glass scale from Morrisons supermarket this weekend and i can honestly say its the worst purchase ive every made. I asked for a set if bathroom wieghing scales and thats what they gave me. Lovely slim scales that not only look good but are easy to set up. Bought this a few weeks ago. Came safely packaged and excellent service, but no matter what I do — the body analysing feature doesn’t work for me! It was easy to set up the different user details too — age, height, current weight and gender! They work well easy to programme and use.

Five weight units, it is easy to clean and store. The slim design of this scale makes it easy to tuck away, it has an LCD screen that displays in different units such as lb. When zero is displayed — and you can accurately weigh food and other ingredients up to 5 kg. Whichever way you have chosen to wash your dishes — 2 deli scale is ideal for retail establishments such as grocery stores or bakeries. Tare and Auto, the scale will remember these details and take them into account whilst analysing other features of your body composition. Make the RW, we aim to keep our delivery options clear and simple. With the optional label and receipt printers, if you are looking for a stylish bathroom scale that gets straight to the point, 54 preset speed keys.

I just bought this Salter product and it doesn’t show the body fat. These accurate and easy-to-use scales — hand picked by the Good Housekeeping Institute and our tech pros — will help you meet all your health goals. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Max weight capacity of 200g, powered by two AAA batteries, six weight units, auto shut-off. Max weight capacity of 3kg, powered by a CR2032 battery, additive weighing feature, minimalist design. Max weight capacity of 5kg, powered by one CR2032 battery, five weight units, auto shut-off. Max weight capacity of 5kg, powered by a CR2032 battery, five weight units, auto shut-off.





Max weight capacity of 5kg, powered by two AAA batteries, 6 weight units, auto shut-off. Max weight capacity of 5kg, ambient temperature sensor, tare and Auto-zero functions, 2 AAA Batteries. 1kg weight capacity, large weighing surface, powered by 2 AAA batteries, LCD. Weight capacity of 5kg, 4 high precision sensors, powered by 3 AAA batteries. 05, 4 high precision sensors, powered by 2 AAA batteries. Why do you need to get a kitchen scale? Some recipes may not possibly turn out right without using a kitchen scale. Moreover, it is more effective and accurate for special diet plans such as weight reduction, diet for diabetes, and so on, because you have to weigh the portions of foods you are eating.



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