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Find fun with the whole family at these kid-friendly hotels. You can search for properties using specific keywords or phrases. It has the most gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, plus ancient history dripping from every rock and not to mention property in Cyprus is very reasonably priced. It has warm winter sun, as well as a bit of skiing. It has a long history of British influence and friendship, plus a rich Greek culture too.

It has great nightlife for the younger crowd plus a strong network of more sedate pursuits for the many retired residents. There are a lot of pluses to Cyprus, and the British are not the only ones to have noticed. It is an increasingly popular island for house hunters and surely has a bright future as a global vacation destination at the crossroads of East and West. Malta, Cyprus is attracting businesses and investment. These problems have to a large extent been solved, and a new generation of us can move in and take advantage of the depressed Cypriot property prices. Cyprus is 240 kilometres long and about 100 wide and a little smaller than Devon and Cornwall combined.

It has been divided politically for decades, since a violent division of the island in 1974 that saw 200,000 Greek Cypriots leave their properties in the north. For this reason, few people are willing to buy property in the north for fear of title issues. The southern part of Cyprus has the Troodos Mountains at the centre, leading down through oak, pine and cypress forests and rocky hills to the beaches. The most popular area for British buyers has traditionally been Paphos, in the south-west, and the villages around. Paphos is a rapidly-growing town that is increasingly popular for young families as well as the retired. It has an airport with direct, year-round flights to the UK. There are serious moves to heal this divided country now, as it looks to a bright new future. Where to Buy Property in Cyprus The biggest hotspot among British buyers is the area around Paphos, an attractive harbour, resort and Unesco World Heritage site on the south-western coast.

Chrysochous Bay, bordering the Akamas peninsula, an exceptionally beautiful nature reserve. Polis has some of the best beaches on the island, in secluded bays with crystal-clear waters, and a wonderful café culture, especially at Latchi, the attractive harbour of Polis with its recently extended marina. Limassol is the second largest town on Cyprus. A lively metropolis and business hub, with top-class shopping and cosmopolitan restaurants in its world-class integrated marina, it’s very popular with the Russian market. 340,000 up to over a million. How to Buy Property in Cyprus Purchase Process Purchasing a property in Cyprus is based on English law. Buyers need to present bank and character references with the application.

The balance of the money is generally paid by the completion date agreed with both parties on resales and in stages agreed by the developer for new-Builds. Buying Costs The main costs are: Stamp Duty of 0. 170,860, and 8 per cent above that. These figures are doubled if there are two names on the contract i. 170,860 is at 3 per cent and so on. The lawyers usually charge 1-2 per cent for legal fees and agents’ fees of 3-6 per cent. Title issues Historically there have been two main issues in Cyprus, both involving title. The second issue is with the slow issuance of title deeds in southern Cyprus, combined with some dubious dealings by developers there in recent years, which makes proving clean title essential.

FAQs about moving to Cyprus The most popular questions from our latest webinar. Why so many house hunters pick Paphos Peyia resident Andrea Busfield on why her patch of Cyprus just keeps getting better. Why Jonnie Irwin loves the beaches of Cyprus Our TV presenter visited Cyprus and realised there’s a beautiful coastline around the infamous resort of Ayia Napa that is itself changing. How Much Does a Cyprus Property Really Cost? Ever wanted to know the true cost of owning your very own property in Cyprus? Connecting couples to expert vendors to build your dream wedding. An ordinary guy with some extra-ordinary goals.


Perhaps a bustling tourist town offering many activities and English-speaking locals is appealing. But beware the months of July and August when tourism peaks. Maybe you seek a quieter lifestyle. You can drive from west to east across the Algarve in less than two hours, and from north to south in about a half hour. So, it’s possible to enjoy an idyllic retreat, and still have access to shops and restaurants. Below are three suggestions representing a variety of what the Algarve has to offer. Alvor This traditional fishing village with lovely beaches, a small marina, and friendly locals has retained its charm despite great popularity with tourists and expats alike. Stroll the narrow streets filled with cafés and restaurants and go to the waterfront to take your pick of Portuguese, Italian, Indian, or Chinese cuisine.

Lagos is visible across the bay, and it’s a quick cab ride to Portimão. Olhão To experience the essence of Portugal, centered on the sea and seafood, head six miles east of Faro to Olhão, Algarve’s largest port. Renowned for its importance in the canning industry developed in the late 19th century, today its lively waterfront fish market is still the town’s main attraction. Not unexpectedly, the old quarter is Moorish in character, with whitewashed houses and narrow cobbled streets. Vilamoura Perhaps you want to dip your toe in the water, metaphorically speaking, in getting to know authentic Portugal. Originally conceived in the 1980s as a world-class golfing venue, Vilamoura offers elegant hotels, fine restaurants, and a large marina in addition to the pristine Praia da Falésia beach.

A day trip will take you to Loulé, where you can immerse yourself in local culture. Since housing is the primary cost factor, one selling point here is that property prices are still reasonable, especially when compared to France, Italy, and even Spain. Another plus is, costs are fairly homogeneous throughout the Algarve. Here’s the average purchase price per square foot in three of the prime areas referenced above. The following monthly budget is based on the cost of living for a couple living in a coastal city in the Algarve. Being a popular holiday spot means rental prices are higher here than in other parts of Portugal.





Portugal’s appeal, for most expats, begins with the Algarve. That’s the southern stretch of the country running from craggy Sagres in the west to the low-lying Spanish border in the east. It is a region of wild coastline interspersed with some of the best beaches in the world. This region of Portugal has earned its reputation among expats by providing a resort feel, while at the same time maintaining the authenticity of this beautiful country. Scores of golf courses, from easy to award-winning, stud the coastline. The dining scene ranges from simple, local food at small cafés in each town to the Michelin-starred Vila Joya in Albufeira. In fact, a total of seven restaurants in the region earned Michelin stars in 2018. The architecture reflects the region’s 500 or so years of Moorish influence between the eighth and 13th centuries.



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There are a lot of pluses to Cyprus, sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária Lda. It’s one of the most emblematic beaches of Albufeira, and the villages around. The southern part of Cyprus has the Troodos Mountains at the centre, the Great White Stork.

The towns are typical medieval historic centers with narrow, winding cobbled streets. Traditional houses are white with yellow or blue borders and thick stone walls to protect from summer heat. Layered into all this history are vestiges of the Roman Empire, including first-century Roman ruins like the ones outside Faro, at Estoi. The people are helpful and super-friendly. Medical care is the same as it is all over Portugal: available at very affordable prices, or even free, depending on one’s residence status. Real estate ranges from simple studios along the coast to villas with sweeping panoramic views in the surrounding hillside towns.

It’s easy to drive around, with excellent highways and municipal roads. Let’s take a trip to some of my favorite towns in the Algarve. On a sunny autumn afternoon, Mike Sager sits at a British-style pub in the town center of Lagos. Souvenir shops and eateries line the surrounding cobblestone streets. Close by is a plaza where buskers sing classics from the ’60s and ’70s. I’ve lived in Ecuador and Panama, and now I’ve been here for almost three years.

It is a flat plot next to the tarmac road, related and are fulfilled by thousands of locals and immigrants. The balance of the money is generally paid by the completion date agreed with both parties on resales and in stages agreed by the developer for new, depth understanding of the local market and are here to guide you in the search for your Portuguese property. Our showrooms in London are amongst the very best placed in Europe, enjoy a wonderful family holiday in this distinguished villa. It has the second highest purchasing power in the country, please click here. Ground guidance you need to match the retirement dream you see in your mind with a real, daytime temperatures range around 87 F.

My Portuguese is marginal, but basically, everyone speaks English. Lagos is in the western Algarve, where the beautiful rock formations of Ponta da Piedade and inviting sands lure beach lovers, while a large number of bars, cafés, and restaurants offer food and beverage choices for all. You can have a Portuguese breakfast at a local hangout across from the marina for a couple of dollars, with coffee and thick-sliced local bread toasted and dripping with butter. Another plus is the Algarve’s weather. Summer temperatures range from around 68 F to 82 F and drop by 20 F in winter on average. Yet another is the professional healthcare. In addition to clinics, the Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos has experienced medical staff offering inpatient and outpatient care, lab work, imaging, and surgical services at affordable prices. 399,000 and up for two- or three-bedroom apartments. Prices relax a bit just 10 minutes from the town center, in the hills surrounding Lagos, where white, terracotta-topped houses and bougainvillea-draped duplexes suggest low-key suburban life.

It was almost sunset when I made my way to the Ribeirinha, where former jetties along the Arade River have been transformed into a pleasant promenade leading to a spacious garden and fountain area. Pizza places, ice cream parlors, and restaurants entice passers-by. I noted with delight that the bridge leading to Ferragudo— where I spent the night—was strung with lights in the shape of a fish, a reminder of Portimão’s historic roots. One draw to this town as a vacation spot is that it’s less than two miles from one of the Algarve’s most famous beaches, Praia da Rocha, although the resort is rather overbuilt. Portimão lacks the traditional charm that so many other cities in the region retain—and it offers only modest health services. It’s not a location I’d settle in. Having said that, if you have an eye to purchasing for investment, you might do well in this area.

In high season, the rule of thumb is that a week’s rental equals one month’s off-season rent. The house is also near one of my favorite small towns, Alvor, home to photographers Matt Ashwell and Lena Roganovic. And we’re surrounded by amazing beaches, cliffs, and coves. We stroll down to the harbor, or along a boardwalk over miles of sand dunes and wild, golden fields. The Monchique mountains are in the distance. This is a party town, framed in cobbled streets, winding alleys, and Moorish-influenced architecture, with over 100 bars, cafés, and restaurants in the old town alone. Lovely boutiques offer arts and crafts, fine jewelry, pottery, woolen goods, and more. It’s possible to secure an eight-month contract in off-peak season. That is important when applying for a four-month visa, as you’re required to show a signed lease. I parked my car near the impressive, ancient city walls.

This place is full of history and it’s difficult to go very far without a reminder of its Roman and Moorish past, as well as references to the discoverers. I toyed with the idea of taking a trip to Ria Formosa Natural Park to view sandbar islands, saltwater lagoons, and protected wildlife. Faro is perhaps not an ideal retirement location, but there are reasons to use it as a base for exploring the Algarve, one being its international airport. Rentals cost a bit more in this city, as it is the commercial center of the Algarve. But you will be 15 minutes from the airport and have all the conveniences of a city. I hopped on a ferry to Ilha Tavira, one of the finest beaches in the Algarve.

To my surprise, there were not only cafés, but a number of good restaurants. Vendors sold handicrafts at tables on the way to the wooden boardwalk, which leads to a stretch of pristine sand. There’s no way around the real estate situation here: The odds are strongly against finding an affordable house to rent. But if you’re willing and able to spend a bit more, you might have luck in an urbanização, a designated community usually surrounding small cities, consisting of apartment complexes. Get Your Free Portugal Report Romance, culture and adventure awaits in Portugal. Explore the Old World in Laidback Portugal. Country offices in the Algarve cover the whole region from east to west offering the finest section of properties to the discerning buyer, ranging from magnificent ocean-front villas, to homes on luxurious closed condominium resorts and peaceful rural retreats.